Evergreen – Padg Candle


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Evergreen – Padg Candle

Pine, fir, spruce and cedar this candle is rich with earthy woody aromas. Imagine you’re out exploring the wilderness, hiking through the forest… OR curled up on the sofa munching on a mince pie, in front of the Christmas tree. This candle will instantly get you into the Christmas spirit.

Wild flower seeds included for free which you can plant in the candle packaging!


Paraben free and completely vegan.

Each candle is hand poured in small batches and made with natural coconut and soy wax which gives a long clean burn.

Burning time approx 35hours – 190ml Jar

All our candles are made in jars which can be recycled or reused, we like upcycling them into plant pots!

Please note that some “frosting” may occur, this sometimes happens when using 100% natural plant based wax, but don’t worry it won’t affect the candle at all!

As all our candles are hand poured there might be slight variations in colour between batches…they’re all unique! 😁

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